About Soda Hours!

A site dedicated to monitoring online time for camsoda models.

Welcome to Soda Hours a site dedicated to monitoring online time for camsoda models. Turn off adblocker if you experience issues with links. Any issue with images not loading is on camsoda's end. The data is updated every 3 minutes but you have to hit refresh because it won't refresh automatically.

Gold Trophies are awarded to models with 120+ hours broadcasted in the last 30 days.
Silver Trophies are awarded to models with 70+ hours broadcasted in the last 30 days.
(Trophies are obtained in the "Search" section)

Be advised that last 7 days and last 30 days does not cut off at the current time so for example if it were 6/7 at 5pm then last 7 days would not start counting on 5/31 at 5pm it would include the entire day of 5/31

Privacy Policy

A fancy way of saying we use google analytics, clicky, and cookies like most other sites.

Soda Hours Model Lists

The hours for the model lists and dates for birthdays are shown based on GMT dates/times but all the search pages will calculate the data based on your timezone or the timezone you choose.

Heatmap Explanation

Chart goes from purple to red to yellow, yellow being most active time, purple being hardly seen online at that time. The colors match a numeric value 0-80, Soda Hours checks to see if the model is online every 3 minutes and the model gets 1 point every time she is seen online during that hour. It is possible for a model to get 20 points in each hour per day and since the chart is based on 4 weeks worth of data then the maximum amount of points each hour per day can have is 80.

Session Details

The glance feature is to quickly see your best position for the day, it scales based on how high you get and tries to intelligently eliminate your worst positions to make for a better scaled graph.

Rank is your position on the featured category.
G.Rank or Gender Rank is your position for your gender category.
Both Rank and G.Rank are based on the order that the models appear in the API which camsoda claims is the same order as they appear on the page. I personally disagree but theres nothing I can do about that.

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